Multimedia Presentations

Homeschooling Across Canada presents Livestream with Heather: Discovering the Christ-Centered Biblical Storyline
Heather Kendall gives a short testimony on why she wrote A Tale of Two Kingdoms and the three accompanying Bible studies, information about those books, and why they are relevant for teenagers and adults.



Heather Kendall shares her testimony during the Celebration Sunday service, New Life Fellowship Baptist Church, Innisfil, Ontario, Sunday January 10, 2021



Interview with Heather Kendall to discuss The Late John G. Reisinger, Iron sharpens Iron Podcast - Radio Chris Arnzen, Friday July 26, 2019




One Greater Than Moses Q&A Interview:, December 2016



CFTP - Episode #29 – One Greater Than Moses: Interview with author Heather Kendall, The 4th Stream, November 2016



Book Trailer: God's Unfolding Story of Salvation



God's Unfolding Story of Salvation: The Christ Centered Biblical Storyline, Book Launch, Saturday September 22, 2012