One Greater Than Satan: A Christ-Centered Bible Study

  • Suitable for older teenagers and adults
  • An individual or group Bible study
  • Eight lessons of questions
  • Present day application in each lesson
  • May be used alone or in conjunction with A Tale of Two Kingdoms and God’s Unfolding Story of Salvation.

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    Product Details:

    Paperback – 48 pages (September 25, 2018) 5.5” x 8.5”

    Resource Publications; ISBN: 978-1532653698



    One Greater than Satan, like God's Unfolding Story of Salvation, is a Bible study based on A Tale of Two Kingdoms. Its title emphasizes the truth that King Jesus reigns over all, including Satan.

    The Bible describes Satan's character and activity many times. However, it only records his conversation three times: in the Garden of Eden, in heaven concerning Job, and in the temptation of Jesus. From a human perspective, believers have a problem difficult to understand. How exactly does Satan try to thwart God's plan of salvation? The Bible contains examples of people whom Satan used to promote his evil intentions. It also explains how Satan tries to trip up believers. The resulting conflict boils down to a battle of the wills: God's, Satan's and ours.