God's Unfolding Story of Salvation, The Christ-Centered Biblical Storyline

  • Suitable for older teenagers and adults
  • An individual or group Bible study
  • Thirty-eight lessons of questions
  • Present day application in each lesson
  • May be used alone or in conjunction with A Tale of Two Kingdoms and One Greater Than Satan.

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    Paperback – 196 pages (June 11, 2012) 6” x 9”

    Resource Publications; ISBN: 978-1-62032-046-4



    No one can appreciate the size or shape of a forest without flying over top of it to view the big picture. The Bible is like a forest and individual books are similar to trees. Studying small portions of Scripture is worthwhile and necessary. Nevertheless one of the first steps of discipleship after salvation should be an understanding of the big picture in the Bible. God’s Unfolding Story of Salvation will teach believers that the biblical storyline is Christ-centered.

    Often people think of redemptive history only in terms of its promises in the Old Testament and its fulfillment in the New Testament. There is much more to the story than that. In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit also points to Christ through preparation for his birth, pictures or types, and anticipation. Since God’s story ultimately affects each one of us, it is worth the time and effort required to understand it. If you do this, you will discover a pearl of great value. Forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God are the greatest needs of everyone past, present, and future. This redemption story brings glory to God and benefits believers.


    Book Reviews:

    Reviewed by Cariann McCready, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2013

    This paperback book is a redemption history, Christ centered storyline leading the reader on a journey to understanding that builds on the basics of Old Testament through New Testament to seeing the relevance of redemption in their own lives.

    Thirty-eight lessons in chronological order combine scripture with questions, summaries, and authors' final thoughts guide the reader or group through the book.

    While the book is compact it is full of lessons for young adults as well as their parents or any adult looking for an understanding. The overall style of the lesson would fit well into a small group setting as well as an individual classical approach. While the material is written on a high school or higher level, a family could study it together with open discussion for younger children such as tweens. The book is really written as a small group Bible study but like so many resources out there can be adapted for homeschoolers.

    As a mom looking for Bible Studies that can be done either alongside or with a group I really appreciate the author's anecdotes and the overall feel for the study. As a mom of two younger boys I found the subject refreshing as I look for something to challenge myself. I also found a balance of verses and thought I could share with my boys, even though they are younger, they often pick up on bits and pieces surprising me. I found myself getting bogged down in some of the Old Testament materials, but then the author's insights snapped me out of it. The author speaks to mothers and their hearts with love and compassion while on this journey. This was refreshing as often Bible studies are so dry and miss Mom's heart thus also missing the young adult or teen children's hearts. If you are looking for a handy, hard hitting, thought provoking, loving study of redemptive history and how you fit in to the big picture this book will take you on that journey like you never thought.


    Reviewed by Sheila Evans, Jarvis Street Baptist Church, Toronto, Ontario

    The teachers of the ESL Bible Class at Jarvis Street Baptist Church have been using God’s Unfolding Story of Salvation for about two months now in preparing their lessons.

    Those who are in the class are adults, male and female, somewhere between 20 and 40 years usually, and mainly from Asia. Some know a fair amount about the Bible because they have been Christians for a while, others have a little bit of disconnected knowledge, and some know almost nothing at all. The Bible is new to them. Also of course there are some difficulties with the language. It is quite a challenge to teach such a diverse group.

    Your book has been very helpful in reminding the teacher how the particular passage fits into the Bible as a whole, in indicating some of the Scriptures that might be used and the questions that might be asked, and of course focusing on Jesus Christ. We are hindered though because of the general lack of knowledge of the whole Bible of our students and so we are moving quite slowly.

    Your book is not at fault of course—you did not write it for those who are learning English and who have only a fragmented knowledge of the Bible. I am giving this assessment because you wanted to know how effective the book would be for as ESL class.

    We are going to continue using your framework of lessons during the summer and so I am ordering two more books since we have more teachers helping us out. I do feel very confident in giving it as a manual to the teachers because it will encourage them to think in a biblical theological way and that will improve their lessons.




    Heather Kendall of Lefroy was a winner for her Bible study, God’s Unfolding Story of Salvation: the Christ-Centered Biblical Storyline, in a national writing competition.

    Kendall is a graduate of York University and active at New Life Fellowship Baptist Church, where she is a ladies’ Bible study leader and preschool teacher.

    Kendall’s Bible study won in the Book-Biblical Studies category at The 2013 Word Awards sponsored by The Word Guild on Wednesday, June 12th. The Awards Gala was a black-tie event, held at World Vision's headquarters in Mississauga, to honour the work of Canadian writers who are Christian.

    The contest received almost 300 entries from writers across Canada. The over 30 award categories include non-fiction books, novels, articles, columns, poems, blogs, and song lyrics.

    "I am incredibly excited to be a winner for this award," Kendall said. "I want to encourage people to study the Bible for themselves and not depend on others."

    The Word Guild, the organization that sponsors the awards, consists of more than 325 writers and editors across Canada who write from a Christian perspective and publish work in a variety of genres.

    The Word Guild also sponsors Canada's largest Christian writers' conference, Write! Canada. After the Gala, 250 writers, editors, agents and publishers met in Guelph, Ont. from June 13 to 15 for professional development, networking and marketing opportunities. www.thewordguild.com For the last twenty-five years some of Canada's best-known Christian writers, leaders, academics, and journalists have entered this contest and won awards or received Award of Merit citations.